Blue Rabbit Industries is a company that is committed to the commercial development and research of Synsepalum Dulcificum; more commonly referred to as Miracle fruit or Miracle berries. Miracle fruit contains a natural ingredient called Miraculin, a glycoprotein that acts as a flavorenhancing sweetener. Miracle fruit is indigenous to the Western Region of Africa. Blue Rabbit Industries offers bulk sourcing and exporting of the freeze-dried Miracle fruit powder.

Blue Rabbit Industries is partnered with Osom Memorial Farm, located in Ghana. Osom Memorial Farm supplies only the highest quality miracle fruit that is hand picked then de-pulped, freeze dried, and tested by a local food processing facility.

Blue Rabbit provides the freeze-dried powder in bulk, with a minimum of a one-kilo purchase. Each bulk shipment is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and a Certificate of Origin. Please call or email for pricing. We look forward to accommodating you and your Miracle fruit needs. Thank you for helping us to create and promote sustainable agriculture throughout the West African Region.